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Search Engine Optimization Structure is all in your Style

Search Engine Optimization structure is an important aspect of your content strategy. It isn’t all about your technical SEO. It also has a lot to do with your CSS (or design) and the way that you format your content. We are going to go in-depth into your website structure. 

HTML is the bones of your SEO structure

Everything you write will hang off of the HTML skeleton of your website. No matter what Content Management System (CMS) you are using in the end your code will be rendered as HTML. This is true of the most popular CMS, WordPress. 

The templates of WordPress are written in PHP but they output to the browser in HTML. That is why it is crucial that your developer is following best safety practices because PHP can be hacked. This is one reason why static page generators are in fashion now for front-end development. They produce content when requested and output in static HTML which is more secure. This makes them loads faster as well. It also separates the backend from the frontend. You may have heard this referred to as headless WordPress.

You want to make sure that you are probably using HTML5 structure in your website. This will also help with accessibility. You may also want to add schema in addition. This will make it easier for services like social media to grab data about your website. Things like importing your featured image and a custom description. 

CSS is the Skin of your SEO Structure

The reason why we use divs and classes in our design is so that we can target them with styles. This is why I compare CSS to the skin. It is a bunch of reusable code that adds flourish to our websites. Our overall theme and look of our website. 

I think the most important thing to note about CSS is that it also has structure. There are several styles out there but I prefer OOCSS or Object-Oriented CSS. This makes your code readable to others. It keeps things clean and makes sure that you aren’t duplicating anything. We make sure that all the styles we want repeating have their classes. 

The use of CSS preprocessors like SASS makes OOCSS much easier to implement. This is now standard with most boilerplates that you can download for website development. If you aren’t comfortable using the command line you can use a tool like Prepos to manage your development process. 

Content is the Clothes of your SEO Structure

I compare content to clothes because they make a fashion statement. Our content is the one constantly changing aspect of our website. Hopefully, you have a consistent uploading schedule that keeps people coming back for updates.

While we still think of our on-page SEO structure there is a lot we can play with to give our writing flair. What matters more than what you say is how you say it. Be bold and have opinions! Make yourself stand out in search results. Find new and creative ways to talk about the same topics. 

We can still think of patterns of repeatable content structure even in our writing. You can go super deep writing a landing page with more than 2,000 words. Then you can split that larger piece into individual content that is 500 words. Then you can split that content further into a 300-word piece that answers one specific question. Then you can split that into a social media update to your social network. Think of how you can repurpose things to cut down on the amount of work that you have to do.

All three are a necessity and not an option

The above information helps you see why HTML, CSS, and content play an important role in your search engine optimization strategies. We have to care about more than our content which just exists at the surface of the page. There is a lot more happening underneath it to give it the support that it needs. We also need to care about what is happening outside our website too.  

What we have not talked about here is off-page SEO. That is the most important of these methods being link building. It is not my expertise and that is why I didn’t write about it. I’m still learning. I would compare this aspect to the critics’ review. Links are upvotes telling search engines that your content is of high quality and that people like it. 

Personally, if you couldn’t tell, I believe that SEO content writers should also learn website development. It is good to understand the functions that lend stability to our writing. It will also help you think about formatting and how to make the words on the page stand out with style. We should never neglect our Search Engine Optimization structure. 

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