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Having High Standards is Key to SEO Content Writing Success

I’ve been watching a lot of Gordan Ramsey shows and this subject is going to come up a lot. He interests me because of how he built his empire. He started as the bad boy. He took that image and made a media brand out of it. If he had never gained notoriety for his behavior in the kitchen he may not have made it as a celebrity chef. 

What I’ve noticed from these shows like Masterchef is how much the professionals on these shows have high standards! They aren’t constantly supervising their staff but when food comes up to the pass you better believe that they are looking for top quality. It is the way the food looks, the way the food tastes, how it smells, and how it is plated. That along with the restaurant’s decor and wait staff makes that full experience for the customer. 

Perfection is mandatory! You can’t slip up when you have a Michelin Star. Reputation is at stake with every single plate. 

Raise Your SEO Content Writing Standards

If there is anything that I can communicate with other SEO Content Writers it is to have high standards. Think about the whole package. 

1. The structure of your website

This is one of my favorite topics because it allows me to talk about coding which is a hobby of mine. Technical SEO is still important to get good rankings on search engines. You want something that has portability (schema and open graph tags) and speed. Google Search after all is a mobile-first index. So your website is also responsive as well. 

2. The design of the website

Plating is key to cooking at a professional level and the design of your website is just as important. The aesthetic appeal of your website can make or break your traffic. You don’t want people to bounce too quickly because they can’t find what they are looking for. You can also use CSS skills to customize your theme even if you bought it from a developer.  

3. The functions of the website

You want the functions of your website to support your SEO content writing. This could be as simple as including social media sharing buttons. This helps spread your content and distribute it to other channels. Another added function is something like Disqus which gives your comments more flexibility. 

4. The layout of the content

There is a psychology to how content is presented. I think people all have their favorite advice. It is good to look into UX principles that teach us about how people interact with websites. You have also heard people, like Yoast, use the inverted pyramid structure. It is really up to you how you want your blogs to look and what you think is relevant. I just discovered that there is a conference related to this called Button

5. The distribution of that content

Lastly, we need to think about how we push that content out to people. I think email marketing should be a primary focus. We can’t rely on social media to always be there for us. These are for-profit companies and that is the bottom line. They need to keep us as users for the data that we generate which they often use to sell things like ads. We can never fully own our profiles. We also have to deal with service changes which may take away features that we like.  

As SEO Content Writers we can’t always control all of these aspects. But, I think it is important to think about these five things when we are working with other people’s websites. It may change the way we present information or what we link to internally. 

High Standards Will Keep You Relevant

While working as content writers we need to keep up with current SEO trends. That is always going to change. Google’s AI is about to present a bigger challenge in that arena. But I wonder, is there a way to future-proof content?

I think that high standards are the key for us. If we make our targets, we are in a better position for our content to still rank when there is an update. That is because our standards are always within our control and rely on our good judgment. If you haven’t yet, write down the principles that you think make for great SEO Content Writing. Practice these standards and master them. That will make you a true professional. 

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