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A Content Marketing Plan Will Save Your Time and that is Worth a Lot

A content marketing plan is one of the keys to my success as an SEO content writer. You see, when you have a content strategy you are in a better situation to know what goals to measures to validate your methods. I believe in data-backed approaches and that dominates the way that I do my work. Here is why.

A trip to Disneyland and its Revelations

A few years ago on my birthday, I went to Disneyland with my best friend. I grew up in Southern California and was able to visit this park once a year. I may not go as frequently as I once did but the place holds a lot of family memories for me. We had purchased tickets for both Disneyland and California Adventure so we could go between the parks as we liked.

I remember it was around lunch and we were getting pretty hangry. My friend started listing off all the things we could do in both parks. I was feeling overwhelmed because we had already agreed on what we were doing. Yet at every chance, my friend was asking us to disrupt those plans. It was confusing to me and I didn’t appreciate being inundated with new options.

So, I told her, “Let’s just do the plan.”

Thus, we had a pretty awesome day and we managed to see both nighttime shows for the parks.

Don’t Fail to Plan

This is what a content marketing plan does for you. It narrows your options and focuses you on the things that are most important to your business success. I will always take the approach of planning first and writing a strategic playbook for my clients to approve.

It doesn’t have to be long. I just wrote a one-page content strategy for Facebook for a client that only took me about an hour. It’s simple, but it should bring in huge dividends compared to their current approach. Every situation is going to be different. A lot depends on what your client is trying to achieve and the time span of the contract.

Having a content marketing plan can also allow you to pivot and change your strategy dynamically. This is because you are always tracking data. If your content plan misses and isn’t achieve results you can look critically at the strategy you are using. That is why measurement and data are so important to track. You must use analytic data. Else you are working in a vacuum with no feedback.

Content Marketing Planning Resources

Luckily, there are many resources out there offering templates for content writers and others who need to set a content marketing strategy. Here is a list of a few of my favorites. Let me know if any of these help you on your journey.

  1. Buffer App

This was a very popular post on the Buffer blog. Unfortunately, it looks like the content strategy doc is no longer available for download. The instructions are still there if you want to follow along. This is the best template that I’ve ever found and it should be used as a basis for your planning.

2. Hubspot

This is a great long-form post with a workbook download that will cover most aspects of content strategy. This is one subject where taking a deep dive is appreciated! Give this one a look if you want some more information for your content plan.

3. Content Marketing Institute

Of course, this is the ultimate resource when it comes to content marketing planning. This round-up of templates should help you on your way. What is important, is to develop a document that is helpful to you. You might want to take bits and pieces of these documents and put together your planning template.

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