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A Brief Introduction to Content Design

Content Design is a subject that I don’t know well. It isn’t directly related to SEO, but I think it is still worth learning. Content design brings in principles of UX and Accessibility to create user-centered content that arrives in the right moments. It uses research, stories, and user journey mapping as elements to create a content strategy.

The term content design was coined by Sarah Winters from Content Design London.

“We don’t chase traffic. Traffic alone is a vanity metric. We chase quality. So does Google as it happens. It is your unique, great content that ranks.”

– Content Design London

It is another way we can think of keywordless content. A content design strategy that doesn’t rely on traditional SEO at all. Instead, it comes from having many touchpoints with customers over their journey. We produce content that answers all their questions. That focus on high-quality content.

I am not qualified to explain content design to you. Therefore, I will pass on some great resources that go in-depth on the topic. One thing you might consider is attending the Button conference in October. It is on my mind because I want to learn more about how this works in practice. Who is doing it and who is doing it well.

Resources on Content Design

Here are some good reads for you if you want to learn more.

  1. What is content design?

This is the original description by Sarah Winters. You won’t get a much better explanation than this. It is the very definition of content design by the person who coined the term.

2. Content design: a great way to make user-centered content

This is the explanation from the good people at YOAST. It goes the extra mile to explain the core concepts. If you want to take a deep dive into content design this is the one for you.

3. Why Content Design Matters: An Interview with Sarah Richards

You can’t go wrong with an interview. Get to the heart of the topic. Sarah explains their perspective on how to write and content strategy.

4. We’re Changing Our Name to Content Design

Mozilla’s UX content team recently changed their description to content design. You can see in only a year that this term is taking off. It is good to read all about it now as it begins to take over the industry.

5. The Rise (and Role) of Content Design

This provides an overview and also a history of content design. As these roles become more common, knowing the origin of the term can only help. It is important to understand why these roles are more popular now.

What did you learn today?

I am very keen to discuss this topic with others who might be interested. You can always reach me over on Twitter where I hang out most of the time. Do you think this will change how you do your content strategy work? Is this a way to stay relevant in Google Search? These are things that I wonder about. Especially as someone whose training is in on-page SEO.

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