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  • By Suzza
  • Updated on May 2, 2021 11:49 am


Are you a decision maker whose content marketing is failing to get you those sweet Google search rankings? 😱 You may wonder why your content writing isn’t making the grade when it comes to bringing in new customers through organic search. It isn’t just a case of content overload and competing with hundreds of thousands of companies for the same keywords. 

You need someone with the knowledge and background to craft SEO content writing that converts. 

Mission Statement

I want to empower decision makers’ choices about content writing through measurement so they can acquire happy customers. 

What I Don’t Do Here

I’ve been working in the field of SEO content writing for more than a decade bringing first page results to my clients (once ranked for drug sniffing dog *Whew*😅.) My degree is DIY and I don’t look down on others who gained their marketing knowledge through building their brands online. You learn quickly to sink or swim out here. 

That is why I’ll never call myself an expert or a guru. I want this place to be very different from every other content marketing blog you’ve heard or seen when randomly clicking results in Google. Here are my pet peeves with the sort of content you get from typical search results when researching marketing topics.

Gate Keeping

Knowledge is free. Period.

I don’t believe in holding back knowledge from others by making judgements about their worthiness or their ability to pay. I think being transparent about my processes and methods for SEO content writing is an important part of my sales. When you hire me you don’t do so because I’m holding on to some secret expertise. It is because you understand the value that I bring to your business operations. 

Scare Tactics👻

I don’t always like it when marketers use scare tactics to make sales. I’ll admit it definitely works. They use methods like scarcity, limited time, and sheer numbers to strike fear in the hearts of their customers. Not all content marketers also make it clear the value of their writing to the bottom line of their customer’s business. They just leave people confused buying a service that they hope works for them. Instead of giving them tools to make informed decisions.


Are you already confused? We sometimes use jargon to make ourselves sound more like experts. Words aren’t what separate us from customers, it is how we use them.

“You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you’re finished, you’ll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird… So let’s look at the bird and see what it’s doing — that’s what counts. I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.”

― Richard P. Feynman, “What Do You Care What Other People Think?”: Further Adventures of a Curious Character

Feynman advocated for simplicity in scientific explanations. I believe in breaking down all content marketing terms and related concepts to their components through metaphor, simile and analogy. If we really know our stuff then we should be able to explain what we mean to a child.

Topics We’ll Cover

There are a few keywords that are essential to what we will be covering when it comes to SEO content writing. We have to remember that our content is a means to an end. All the writing in the world won’t save your company if it doesn’t turn a profit.That is why we want to go over topics that will aid your decision making process. 

  • Content Writing – I’ll cover language, marketing, social media, and strategy.
  • Search Engine Optimization- I’ll cover keyword research, copywriting, analytics, and measurement.
  • Customer Support- I’ll cover experience, care, feedback, and retention.

Y’know you want to subscribe and not miss a beat. You’re Welcome. 🤗 


#1 – Meaningfulness

I want you to understand what content marketing does for your business and it’s value. That includes not only education but understanding of core mechanics. 

#2 – Fearlessness

I want you to drop your fears of failure and mathematics. Neither of those will help you going forward. 

#3 – Awesomeness

I want you to carry with you the saying of the Green brothers on YouTube; Don’t Forget to be Awesome (DFTBA.) Go out there and turn out some creative copy that humans and search engines love. 

Vision Statement

Leveling up SEO content writers for a more knowledgeable and entertaining internet.


I hope you can tell that I’m not kidding around. I think that we can do better when it comes to content writing without going in circles or making things bland. We haven’t thought up all the ways there are to say something. We all have to find our voice sometime and that includes your business. Let’s work it out together. 

Susan Silver SEO Content Writing Services.