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Leveling up SEO content writers for a more knowledgeable and entertaining internet.

Are you a decision maker whose content marketing is failing to get you those sweet Google search rankings? 😱 You may wonder why your content writing isn’t making the grade when it comes to bringing in new customers through organic search. It isn’t just a case of content overload and competing with hundreds of thousands of companies for the same keywords. 

You need someone with the knowledge and background to craft SEO content writing that converts. 

I’ve been working in the field of SEO content writing for more than a decade bringing first page results to my clients (once ranked for drug sniffing dog *Whew*😅.) My degree is DIY and I don’t look down on others who gained their marketing knowledge through building their brands online. You learn quickly to sink or swim out here. 

I’m swimming into the deep end for my clients. I’ll roll out a SEO content writing strategy that fits with your business. Finding your unique voice and writing creative content that captures your keywords in search. I can work solo or as part of a content marketing team. 💯